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Please find a selection of useful Lice (Nit) removal and treatment related information. This will include Lice Facts, useful information for Parents, useful information for Educatiors, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and industry news.

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Be ready at the beginning of school year, when no one is in a state of crisis. Schools have been dealing with head lice for decades and most have a procedure for dealing with outbreaks. Find out what your school’s procedure is in order to be prepared when and if the time comes to use it.

The time will likely come. With 6-12 million cases of head lice estimated to occur each year, odds are that you’ll be dealing with the little bugs at your school. Understanding how you can work with school officials can make it easier.


Lice are not dangerous but they are contagious. Your child must be treated promptly and safely to avoid spreading lice to other friends, family members and classmates. Our Parents’ section is a compendium of articles and resources to help parents and caregivers deal with the challenges of treating head lice.

Traditional lice resources typically assume that parents fully understand the treatment options and facts about lice. We provide information that addresses the unique questions and challenges regarding safely and effectively treating lice, once and for all.


Everything you need to know about Lice (Nits) from Lice Types and Life Cycle to Treatments and Removal. 1 in 20 children are infested with head lice each year according to the FDA. Very often parents contract head lice from their children.

Although there are many types of lice, the head louse, or Pediculus humanus capitis, is a parasitic insect that can be found on the head and, more rarely, the eyebrows and eyelashes of people. Head lice (the plural form of louse) feed on human blood several times a day and live close to the scalp to maintain their body temperature.


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