Questions Head Lice treatment practitioners get asked all the time are here  We want to answer some FAQ’s we have put these together after working with parents and carers for the last year.

How much does the treatments cost?

The cost for the one off treatment. They depend on the length of the hair Please refer to our price list. If a client is from a low income family (they will need to show proof of this) then they will get a subsidized treatment which will be 50% off the actual price.

We offer special rates for siblings and family members

How long will treatment be?

The full AirAllé treatment should be 1 hour. Half an hour will be spent using the machine and the rest of the time will be used to comb out the debris left in the hair. This should take half an hour but in some cases of thick/long hair, it could take longer than an hour to do the full treatment.

Head screening is between 5-15 mins depending on hair length/thickness.


How does the treatment work?

For the full AirAllé treatment, we do a 30-minute heated-air treatment followed by a professional comb-out.

For the head screening, we will use a magnifying glass and also a solution for the hair to comb out the hair and see if there is any head lice or eggs.


How does the machine work?

Kills lice and eggs through dehydration which is an alternative to treating with pesticides and chemicals. The machine kills lice and eggs through a specific combination of temperature, airflow, time and technique.


What does it feel like?

It feels like a hot head massage- it’s not too hot so it won’t be irritating.


Does it really work?

This is the Number Questions Head Lice treatment staff get asked. Yes! Because it is an FDA-cleared device, we can’t make up efficacy claims that aren’t backed up by clinical data. Find out more about how it works

Is an AirAllé treatment the best way to kill lice and eggs?

That depends on your definition of which lice treatment is best for you. The AirAllé certainly delivers a fast, safe, highly effective way to kill head lice and eggs.


Are there any risks with an AirAllé treatment?

To date, no adverse effects have been reported; no one has been hurt by this treatment. However, as is the case with all medical devices, there are some risks which, although they have been reduced to levels that are as low as reasonably practicable, are still possible when the AirAllé device is used.


What makes your treatment better than the other ones on the market?

We can get rid of head lice in an hour with the full treatment. We use no toxins, no pesticides, no overnight messy oils and no follow up appointments. Some products on the market have chemicals/pesticides  and you may have to follow up treatment. Our treatment uniquely dehydrate the eggs. This killing of the eggs and the lice means you will break the head lice cycle.

Questions Head Lice treatment practitioners get asked they can answer confidently.

Will it get rid of my head lice for good?

We are so confident in our exclusive, full-service treatment that we guarantee it. As long as each individual in the household is screened then this full service treatment is 100% guaranteed. We also offer the 14 day guarantee with the full AirAllé treatment- this time frame allows us to see whether it is something that we missed which means we will re treat you or whether you have caught it again.

Please do note that if a person has treatment and then has head to head contact with another person with lice, it would be possible for them to get it again but we do sell preventative products so that it could prevent it from coming back.

Can anyone have the treatment?

Anyone over the age of 4 can get the full AirAllé treatment. Anyone under the age of 4 can still get treatment but it would only be the comb out treatment and the machine would not be used on them.

Why is the treatment expensive?

We have exclusivity in Ireland and we are the only ones with this machine in Ireland. we use a strict protocol and all staff are trained insured and CRB checked. We use disposable tips and materials. If the procedure is not carried out correctly it will not be as effective.

Can’t I use a hair dryer instead of using your machine?

No, this is because a hair dryer tends to mat the hair, effectively protecting the lice from the effects of the moving, hot air. Hair dryers are also dangerously hot and can cause burns, especially if they are used to direct hot air for a long period of time on one location as is needed to treat head lice. Our machine is designed to give out controlled hot dry air as to not burn the scalp. If the machine is getting too hot, it would flash red to let us know that the air is getting hotter. With a hairdryer, you would not know if it was too hot and could burn yourself/your child.